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Private Client


Balham, London, UK








This proposal is for three new build houses located off Rose Hip Lane where once lay an old storage yard.

Beautiful brick walls wrap the exterior of the development with a softer planted garden in the centre connecting the residents with nature. The surrounding walls of this garden are clad in European larch and there is a private gate that connects these gardens directly to Tooting Common. This allows residents to step directly into the park landscape and access all the sports facilities on offer.

The three houses look onto this lushly planted garden with large solar controlled glazing, drawing in huge amounts of daylight, whilst the carefully designed greenery provides privacy between each dwelling.

The gable ended and faceted green zinc roofs of the houses mimic the old storage yard and the four metre vaulted ceilings beneath this roof create airy and spacious volumes, leading to a sense of openness.

The structure of each house is constructed from timber rather than typical concrete blocks. This locks in carbon dioxide and creates highly insulated and airtight dwellings which are thermally efficient, helping to reduce the carbon footprint, which is vital to sustainable living.

Exhaust Air Heat Pumps heat the building by reusing energy from waste air providing heating, ventilation, heat recovery and hot water efficiently, simply and economically.

I’ve lost count of the hours I’ve spent designing this since 2020 but the vision is coming to life and it’s finally being built! Thank you to everyone who’s helped drive this project forward, I’m so grateful and very excited to see it completed!

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