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Somerset House, London 





London is currently experiencing a population boom, reaching a recent all time high of 8.6million which is predicted to reach 10 million by 2030. Along with land scarcity in London it begs the question why are we not exploring the possibilities of subterranean architecture. London’s skyline and character makes it one of the least densely populated in the world and The London Plan protects some of London’s key views that define London.


Increased densification of London can be achieved by developing beneath the city. This would retain London’s unique skyline, protecting its special character and its beautiful views.


London faces the epic challenge of building more than 42,000 new homes a year, every year, for twenty years.


This experimental project explores subterranean housing, a new house typology to densify central London. The site became Somerset House and accommodated Kings College students. The project was shortlisted for the Architects Journal 'Going Underground' competition and was published in 24-25th magazine edition. The judges were Ken Shuttleworth and Rory Olcayto. 

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